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“We begin the year 2015 disclosing part of our big programm, all along dedicated with great passion to our readers, who are our main patrimony. The Fairs’ season is going to begin and, in particular, on 28th January the most important one for the hobby shops opens: the «Spielwarenmesse» in Nurenberg (Germany). We will be there as usual and during the first days we will be able to reveal part of some new items that the companies will present.
We attend the Nuremberg Toy Fair together with La Mini Miniera in their own booth (H7 E-59), which attends the Fair for its fortieth year. In 2015 the stand will be focused mainly on the Cisitalia brand and on the models in 1:18 that represent the Cisitalia Group. We can’t say anything more, but there will be an historical surprise for the more passionate collectors.
Over the year we will be present in the main swap meets in Italy and Europe, in some auto shows, in the EICMA and in the main exhibitions dedicated to the vintage cars. We continue proposing detailed examinations of new items without disregarding the world, always fascinating, of toys and obsoletes models.

Rio Alfa Romeo Giulietta Montecarlo

Alfa Romeo Giulietta T.I., Rally Monte Carlo 1964, Rio, 1:43 scale


The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was presented in 1955 and was distinguished from other cars of the same displacement by a powerful engine with single overhead camshaft. The top speed was 135 km/h, but actually the Giulietta was capable to reach the 140 limit. Even braking and road holding were at an high level.


The 600 was the first world car by Fiat as it was produced in Spain, Yugoslavia, Argentina and Germany. When it was launched in 1955, it replaced the Fiat 500 C and was admired for its economy of maintenance, good performance, more comfort and space of the passenger against the model that had replaced. The four-cylinder engine water-cooled was fitted at the rear and the suspensions were four wheel independent.
Fiat 600 trasformabile, Brumm,  1:43 scale
The DS 19 of 1955 has been truly revolutionary car with its hydropneumatic suspension, servo-steering, automatic clutch, the brakes with front discs, the aerodynamic body, the roof made out of plastic and the side windows without pillars all in one package. Unfortunately the reliability at the beginning was not good and the engine, derived from the old Traction, was not adequate.
Dinky F Citroën DS 56
Citroën DS 19, Dinky Toys France, 1:43 scale
Corgi Thunderbird 1957
Ford Thunderbird 1957, Corgi, 1:36 scale
The Ford Thunderbird was unveiled to the public in 1955 and was praised for its line without frills. The mechanics was definitely classic and the name was that of an native American Indian god.
In the 2015, through a series of complete and detailed articles, we will celebrate the birthdays of some representative cars, like the 60 years of Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Fiat 600, Citroen DS19 and Ford Thunderbird. Lancia Fulvia coupé, Peugeot 204, Renautl 16, Toyota 2000GT and Rolls Royce Silver Shadow will turn 50 years. Other birthdays that we can’t forget are 60 years of Autobianchi brand and 30 years from the presentation of Autobianchi Y10.
Politoys M Lancia Fulvia coup+®
Lancia Fulvia coupé, Politoys, 1:43 scale
The Lancia fulvia coupé  was much appreciated for style and good performance. This car was a front wheel drive and the braking system have four disks.
Peugeot 204, Norev, 1:87 scale
The Peugeot 204 introduced in 1965 represented a technical breakthrough for a quite conservative Peugeot: alloy engine with distribution camshaft head transversely mounted, front-wheel drive, front disc brakes, independent suspension on all four wheels
The Renault 16 of 1965 stood out immediately for its innovative body hatchback. The interiors allowed an unknown versatility for cars in its segment. The light alloy engine was completely new, and the suspensions were independent on all four wheels.
Renault 16, Norev, 1:43 scale
The Toyota 2000 GT appeared in 1965 and was distinguished by rather sophisticated mechanicals: 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2000 cc and distribution via double overhead camshaft. The suspensions were indipendent on all four-wheels and maximum power developed by the engine was in the range of 150 hp.
IMAI Toyota 2000
Toyota 2000 GT, IMAI kit, 1:20 scale
TrueScale RR Silver Shadow-001
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I, TSM, 1:43 scale
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1965 was completely distinguished from its predecessor, the Silver Cloud, particularly for its monocoque body, the  four disc brakes and independent suspension on all four wheels.
Polistil Autobianchi Y 10 Fila
Lancia Y10 Fila, Polistil, 1:25 scale
LHA149 - Y10 Fire Fila 1987-1989
The Autobianchi Y10 1985 was the first car of the Fiat Group to use the new FIRE engine, a so successful engine  to be still in production and in use by the new Panda and the 500 today. This was one of the first luxury utilitarian cars minded as second car for people who liked distinction.

We send to our readers the best wishes for 2015, doing something pleasant with these informations : during the year we will start seeing the sale, in the news-stand, of two new collections. We can’t reveal anything more in advance, but just say that one collection in scale 1/43 regards a popular car brand; the second one concerns the world of two wheels in scale 1/18. In the end, the chance to buy from the kyosk below the home the parts to built the Fiat 500 F in big scale, is not so far”.

Norimberga 2014 044

In this picture the booth of La Mini Miniera during Nuremberg Fair Toy 2014. Youll’find the La Mini Miniera in their own booth (H7 E-59), which attends the Fair for its fortieth year.



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